Length is not a limit

26 Sep Length is not a limit

Palagio Engineering  planned an innovative sunscreen system up to 3 meters long. The attention is now focused on the beauty of light. A revolution takes place in the wall cladding façade: the visual impact is increased using a lower number of mullion and mechanical fixing.

Various shapes:
Research, studies and technological development gave the company the ability to design new sunscreen systems, that differ in their cross-sections but keep unchanged the main features of durability and resistance.

The shapes can be:

  •  Multiform
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Elliptical
  • Round

tubolari argilla


Full body colors

Galestro of Impruneta, one of the most precious clay in the world, mixed with metal oxides creates a range of warm and natural full body colors that can satisfy the aesthetic taste, and gives inspiration to the contemporary designer.


Majolica colours

The colors represent an important expression of architectural design. They identify a structure providing a precise identity into the skyline. For this reason Palagio Engineering studied a “Majolica” finishing available in a wide range of enamelled, shiny and glazed colors, with an excellent resistance and durability of the external surface.