03 Sep Slipcasted Terracotta façade in London: the Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute will create the United Kingdom’s foremost biomedical research facility through a unique collaboration between Cancer Research UK, The Medical Research Council, The Wellcome Trust, University College London (UCL), Imperial College London and King’s College London.The distinctive vaulted roof recalls the form...

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21 Oct Parish centre of Cuneo: colour games with Palagio Engineering cladding

Parish centre of Cuneo, San Giovanni Battista: colour games with Palagio Engineering cladding A delight for the eyes that invites the community to actively participate in parish life, a modern and functional centre that does not contrast the existing architecture, but exalts its openness to dialogue. The multicolor wall...

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26 Sep Length is not a limit

Palagio Engineering  planned an innovative sunscreen system up to 3 meters long. The attention is now focused on the beauty of light. A revolution takes place in the wall cladding façade: the visual impact is increased using a lower number of mullion and mechanical fixing.Various shapes:Research, studies and technological development gave the company the ability to design new...

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