Sustainability of the Palagio Engineering production plant

The production plant of Palagio Engineering, where all our wall cladding are produced, despite its foundation during a period in which no attention was given to the impact of production facilities on environment, has gone through continuous transformations aimed to minimize the consumption of resources:

inside the factory, energy is recovered from hot gases with combustion gases and from hot gases of the cooling cycle. The recirculation system of the kilns can heat the entire manufacturing division as well as the office area, leading to evident energy saving.

inside the plant water is totally recycled, showing excellent results during the last years, leading to a reduction of annual hydric consumption of approximately 75%. Also water used for services, showers, in changing rooms and canteens is being purified through methods with low environmental impact, such as sewage sludge, before it is discharged into watercourses.

in 2012 the asbestos roof of the factory was completely removed and at the same time a photovoltaic system (approx. 22.000 sqm) with a power of 999Kwp was installed.