Green Building Council Italia

The Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) is a non-profit association and part of the international network of GBC already active in many other countries; it is member of the World GBC and partner of the USGBC and its main activity is to adapt the rating system of the LEED® system to the Italian reality. The independent certification system LEED® establishes specific criteria for the planning and realization of healthy and energy-efficient buildings with low environmental impact. The international movement of GBC dates back to the ’90s, GBC Italia is established on January 28, 2008 at the initiative of Trentino Technology District S.c.a.r.l. with 47 charter members.

The objectives are:

  • enhance and accelerate the diffusion of a culture of sustainable building, guiding the transformation of the market;
  • raise awareness of public and institutions about the impact of design and construction of buildings on the quality of life of citizens;
  • provide clear parameters to the industry;
  • encourage comparison and discussion between operators of the industry creating a community of sustainable building.

Green Building Council Italia
Chapter Toscana

Palagio Engineering S.r.l. has established at its own offices the headquarter and secretariat of the Chapter Toscana. The Chapter is the local section for the Region of Toscana for GBC Italy, with the purpose of:

  • intensifying relationship between GBC Italy members;
  • promoting culture and practise of sustainable construction;
  • promoting, in connection with the association, the education for members and generally for all those who are interested in sustainable construction;
  • promoting the relation between other local structures which are sensitive to environmental issues and green building;
  • promoting practices related to sustainable construction at the local institutions and maintaining relationship with them;

Abitare Mediterraneo

PALAGIO ENGINEEREING has participated in the project “Mediterranean Living”, a project with a strong specificity on the Mediterranean climate, in which scientific research (by teachers and researchers of the University of Florence and the High school Sant’Anna of Pisa) is networking with the know-how and availability of producers of construction systems towards innovation. The working groups, coordinated by the Department of Technology of Architecture and Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence – Teed, have the goal to achieve a sustainable innovation of Abitare Mediterranean : development of a system open to integration of technicological and architectural innovation, finalized to maintain energy consumption within low levels.

Unione Nazionale Costruttori Serramenti Alluminio Acciaio e Leghe

The UNCSAAL union represents the interests of the Italian division of Metal Framing of Ventilated Façades and Curtain Walls with all institutional stakeholders and promotes its products to the markets. The Union’s commitment and essential condition is the continuous updating and improvement of the technical and quality level of the production of ventilated façades, through assistance and information to its members and users, finalized to permanently implement a quality product and to increase the members’ knowledge and success in the market.

Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione

Members UNI – Italian Organization for Standardization and members of work group “Performance of wall cladding and mechanical installation” for the revision of UNI 11018 on ventilated facades.