Palagio Engineering realizes the designer’s idea, working with and on the raw materials, creating customized and specific moulds, profiles and structures to obtain new products according to the project design; grace to its organization and through full technical and strategic support, a complete service, including the whole production process starting from raw material until installation, can be offered. The design of the fixing system, the execution of shop drawings, the jobsite direction and assistance are considered essential for a quality result of our projects.

Assistance to the planner in the concept design stage

Study and realization of a standard or customized structure for the application of cotto or other cladding materials

Production of standard or customized profiles in high-quality Impruneta terracotta

Shop drawings of rain screen and louver facades

Realization of mock up

Installation of fixing system and cladding profiles

Terracotta production

Our factory is located in the Chianti area near Florence, famous not only for its wine production and beautiful nature but also for its terracotta manufactures: indeed this area is rich of unique and prestigious clay which allows to obtain a durable and frost-resistant material with excellent chromatic characteristics; The clay from this very area, extracted today for the extrusion of our cladding panels, was selected by Brunelleschi five centuries ago to create what is probably the first important vertical application of terracotta: the imposing cupola of the Santa Maria del Fiore Dome in Florence.
Mixing the clay with water, drying and firing the material: an antique, guarded process of “savoir faire” today developed and industrialized grace to latest technologies.


Our technical staff assists the Architect from the initial stage until the completion of the project. It provides consultancy, studies feasibilities and supplies technical solutions according to the project specification, offering a complete service including field measurements, shop drawings of the building envelope as to the normative in force, preparation of cutting lists, structural calculation reports, instructions for installation and guidelines for the façade maintenance. The development of new solutions is always a challenge to us which can involve the design of new terracotta panels and finishes, new production processes and the realization of customized fixing systems. The Architect will find in Palagio Engineering the right partner to give form to his creativeness.

Pre-assembly in plant

Fast and controlled installation with preassembled systems: a large area inside our plant has been equipped for the assembly of cladding components, such as individual louver bars, panels and even complete units. Partially or totally preassembled systems are increasingly used in order to reduce installation time at site and grant an accurate quality control of the product.


Is the last stage but not the least important for the realization of the outer coating. Experience may show that an incorrect implementation can nullify all the efforts made previously. For this we offer and we want to offer more of a package “turnkey” going from engineering to installation. Through skilled workers and specialized, and also guaranteed by the constant monitoring of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, we offer installation in a workmanlike manner.

Beyond Terracotta

The acquired mastery in engineering and in installation of terracotta rainscreen and terracotta louver gives us the opportunity to work successfully also with other materials, such as marble, aluminum, glass and ceramic. Special attention is given to the study and processing of the fixing system of the secondary structure developed for the most recent and innovative cladding materials.