Aluminum, structure of our wall cladding

A solid and sustainable structure for our wall cladding

The fixing system engineered by Palagio Engineering in function of the building and its location, is realized in extruded, fully recyclable aluminum. Being Italy a country without bauxite resources, the recycling of aluminum allows compensating the lack of raw material, saving about 95% of the energy required for production starting from bauxite, and – in view of environmental protection – reducing the release of greenhouse gases into atmosphere. Aluminum, whatever its use had been, is fully recyclable after having been thoroughly cleaned from any foreign substances: the recycled product can be used again without limits and with equivalent properties to the original one, without affecting quality or its performance.

Aluminium processing

Aluminum and its alloys have been chosen as basic material for the realization of the fixing system for rain screens and sunshades: this prestigious material is, light, resistant, flexible to create new and sometimes complex shapes by the design of new molds. Today a collection of more than 100 molds realized with profiles engineering by our technical staff are operative. The necessity to meet the specific requirements of every single project, often very short-term, has induced the company to work the aluminum inside it own plant. Palagio Engineering has set up an dedicated area with CNC work stations for working processes such as milling, drilling, thread-cutting and slotting of aluminum bars.