Cotto from Impruneta as cladding material

The terracotta profiles by Palagio Engineering are an excellent product to be used as cladding material due to the following characteristics.


Much of the fame of Impruneta terracotta is undoubtedly due to its aesthetic qualities, to its warm colors and the sensation of “naturally”


Our material is 100% natural, environmentally friendly, has a very low radeon emission and can be easily recycled or disposed after its use. During production scraps are put back into the production cycle mixing them to marl and water so as to minimize the volume of waste disposed in landfills and conserve non-renewable natural resources. In addition, the clay quarry is located next to the production plant, minimizing transport; once extraction is concluded an environmental recovery of the area through the implantation of vegetation is realized. The material is packed on pallets which are recycled to make sure that waste in the construction places are practically non-existent. Excellent credits for the Materials and Resources by LEED certification.


The use made of terracotta over centuries in interior and exterior applications is witness of the excellent durability of the material which, apart from maintaining its proper functions, even improves its aesthetic aspect over the years.

Mechanical Resistance

The material resistance combined with the resistance due to the shape of the profile as a result of the extrusion process, allow the production of long and resistant dimensions, maintaining the weight of the element within a minimum. Moreover the production process guarantees the uniformity of the element’s characteristics.

Fire Resistance

The terracotta profiles are completely fireproof : class 0 DM16/06/84, class A1 UNI En 13501-1:2009

Adaptability to environmental conditions

Terracotta by Palagio Engineering can be used in extreme climates, both hot and cold, as it is frost-proof and resistant to thermal shocks, to atmospheric acidity of rain and to salt environments. This make unique our terracotta wall cladding.

Optimisation of energy saving

Studies of the performance of terracotta wall cladding or other wall cladding realized in aluminum, fibre cement or ceramics, show that the highest rate of energy saving in function of solar intensity is obtained by a terracotta facade.


Considering the excellent resistance to degradation factors , the terracotta cladding in exteriors does not require maintenance if planned correctly. Regular controls on the primary structure will be sufficient.