11 Beach Street – New York – USA


Residential luxury condo located in the TriBeCa district of Manhattan, New York.

It is a project for the upgrading of a building of the last century which includes the rebuilding of the inner courtyard.

Palagio Engineering is entrusted with the task of covering the building by making facades both on the street front of the building and in the court.

On the road façades there are triangular terracotta elements glazed in glossy black color that interfered with the continuous facade almost as if to interrupt the monotony.

The inner court is instead embellished with a casing made of terracotta slabs from the very special “butterfly” shape with clay (Bowtie),

glazed in ivory matt, which has, among others, the purpose of reflecting natural light by increasing brightness to the center of the building.

The design challenge aims to improve the outer casing by adjusting it to the neighborhood cachet.




#ArchitecturalTerracotta GlazingInsights into production: glazing applied by hand on special #ArchitecturalTerracotta elements for a new extraordinary project that we are carrying out.

Pubblicato da Palagio Engineering su Giovedì 28 gennaio 2016