Auditorium Popolare di Lodi Bank – Lodi – IT


The Auditorium is a circular structure of 4,480 sqm and has 800 seats. As the center of the Banca Popolare di Lodi, project totally designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop Architects, the Auditorium overlooks the inner square and connects it to the entire complex through a flexible structure in steel and glass. The Architect’s design of this project is driven by music, or better by the sound and Palagio Engineering had to skilfully combine the proper technical know-how with the malleability and ductility of the raw material to produce a curved element called “Auditorium” in order to meet the functional needs of the structure and allow an optimised sound diffusion inside the space.

Auditorium is a high-quality terracotta profile extruded as single piece with Impruneta clay. The element was produced with concave and convex curving with variable radius for the external and internal claddings, permitting a perfect acoustic control according to specific studies. It has 3 groves 8×8 mm and its finish is sandblasted.


The structure is characterized by a marked continuity between the internal surfahas 3 groves mm 8x8ces of the central square of the complex and those of the Auditorium. The circular building is cladded with a ventilated facade realized with element Brick Tile and also the walls of the corridors around the cylindrical volume are cladded in terracotta. An image of compactness and consistency is given by the project.