Completed the construction of the new Abu Dhabi Court House

17 Sep Completed the construction of the new Abu Dhabi Court House

Completed the construction of the new Abu Dhabi Court House with Palagio Engineering cladding

The new Abu Dhabi Court House, with its 97,780 square meters, is located in the north-east of Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and occupies a strategic position in the city of Abu Dhabi. The 40,000 square meters of Palagio Engineering cladding contribute to reduced environmental impact through the use of rainscreen walls and louver claddings realized specifically for this structure.

The ambitious achievement, developed by the prestigious design firm Dar Al-Omran, has already been recognized as the second best project in 2010 and today represents the country’s willingness to expand the spaces dedicated to the justice. This building is in fact part of a broader program of development of the judicial system in Abu Dhabi that is still strongly attached to Islam, as can be seen from the building arrangement oriented towards the Qiblah (direction to Mecca).

Despite these references to Arab tradition, the look of the structures is contemporary and manufactured to the most innovative international standards, with an eye to their impact on the environment. The demands of thermal and acoustic high-performance were met by the use of terracotta rainscreen walls and louver systems that, not only enhance the buildings’ aesthetic value, but also the functional one.

The main cladding part is constituted by terracotta slabs model TerraModus used in size 30×120 cm, chosen in the color orange with a smooth extruded surface, while the rest is a louver screen fixed to a metal structure composed by tubular elements with section 50x80mm, extruded as single piece with lengths up to 3 meters. Customized connecting elements in terracotta, manufactured by moulding, delimit the tubular elements and hide part of the fixing system. For this project Palagio Engineering has not only supplied the terracotta elements but was also in charge of engineering and of the supply of the entire fixing system in aluminum, both for the rain screen as for the louver portions.

The result is a balanced architecture, perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment of which evokes the colors. The careful use of materials defines surfaces and volumes, adding functional and aesthetic value to the Abu Dhabi Court House complex with exceptional results .

Design Consultant: DAR AL-OMRAN

Project Manager: MORGANTI (The Morganti Group Inc.)

Main Contractor: GHANTOOTTRANSPORT AND GEN. CON. EST. (Building Division)

Sub contractor: Mosart Marble and Mosaic LLC

Cladding Façade: Palagio Engineering

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