Trenitè Van Dorne – Amsterdam – NL


The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Year of Realization 2001, Surface cladded sqm 4750, Category Office Building,
Architect Architectenbureau, Ellerman, Lucas, van Vugt

The protagonist of the intervention is terracotta which clads seamless facades and roofs, defining a structural character with strong personality. Palagio Engineering has leveraged its expertise and knowledge to obtain large-sized terracotta elements realized with a specific research on colour that evidences the building among the chromatic uniformity of its surroundings.

TerraPlus LongTile is a double-wall element in pinkish colour with a rough surface finish; it is extruded as single piece with large dimensions and is installed with different heights and lengths in order to achieve the vibration effect of the surface designed by the Architect. The lightness of the elements and simplicity of installation allows easy replacements.

The vertical joints are signed and sealed by a projecting profile in painted aluminium. This type of cladding material can be produced with a considerable length up to 1190 mm, granting to the observer a sense of visible stability without compromising the resistance of the surface.


The installation system allows to lock the terracotta element in one single movement to the vertical profiles while the double wall of the tile creates an air chamber that allows to reach factors of insulation exceeding the standard of the norm.