Swisscom Palace – Zurich – CH


Cotto, aluminium panels and glass are the materials selected and “shaped” by Fischer Architecten to produce a visual impact which has become a trend, creating a structure that still has a dynamic appearance and an aesthetic for which time seemed to stand still.
A project that represents a symbolic moment in the history of Palagio Engineering. It symbolizes, in fact, the transition from the phase of study, research and development in laboratory, to putting into practice in the jobsite the use of terracotta for vertical walls. This realization is different from the panel system and proposes for the first time terracotta elements to be anchored to the substructure of the facade.


Study and the research led to the design of Cimarossa, a 45 cm wide square shaped profile, thickness cm 17, obtained by a double-face extrusion; grace to the resistance and solidity of the element the big curved bands that frame and define the building could be realized. The terracotta panels have been installed with open joints through the use of 4 expansion bolts inserted in the back of the element and attached with metal brackets to a frame of aluminium profiles