Spazio Lilt – Biella – IT


Location Biella

Year  2015

Designer Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners

Client Lega Italiana Lotta Tumori



SPAZIO LILT is a unique project in Italy, a centre of excellence designed to fight cancer through prevention and, at the same time, an important reference for assistance and rehabilitation.
The building that will house SPAZIO LILT, seismic and with reduced environmental impact, will have a total surface of about 2500 sqm on two floors. The project foresees the demolition of the existing structure with asbestos covering and the subsequent reclamation of the whole area.

The building, its sustainability the seismic classification
SPAZIO LILT, once construction will be terminated, will be in accordance with the norms against noise and air pollution, against electromagnetic pollution, for protection against ionising radiation and fire safety. Moreover during engineering it was decided to dimension the new structure according the seismic classification required for strategic buildings.
In September the installation of primary structures was terminated and work on the building could be continued also during winter season. Palagio Engineering is involved in the realization of the facade cladding realized with glazed terracotta louvers.
SPAZIO LILT is an important project granting benefits to the whole community; to contribute to the realization of this project is an opportunity for Palagio Engineering to exercise social responsibility towards its territory and to combine economic demands with the social needs of the territory.
Palagio Engineering has sustained the realization of SPAZIO LILT “adopting” an area of 2,5 sqm of the cladding.