Riecine Winery – Gaiole in Chianti – IT


Location Gaiole in Chianti, Italy

Year 2015

Designer Archt. Christian Jakusconek

Client Riecine S.s.

Total Area 915 m²


The project made by Archt. Christian Jakusconek, focuses on three interconnected interventions. An extension of 530m² to the winery, refurbishment of the existing 385m² facility and fit-out of the first floor 160 m² residence. Due to logistics and site constraints the new volume is distributed on two wings, the east designated to the fermentation process with temperature controlled tanks and directly behind the climate controlled wine storage area. The west wing, smaller in size houses the tasting area and direct sales of the products produced on the estate. The existing central block is reorganized in a flexible open plan layout catering for the aging of wine in wood, new bottling facility and storage.

The main elevation and feature of the project consists of terracotta brise soleil positioned into a frame allowing for the facade to be opened and closed to suite the winery activities behind. This unification is also carried out by the roof garden above which provides thermal mass for the spaces of the cellar below.