Raemian East Palace – Seoul – KOR



Location Yongin, South Korea

Year 2010

Designer Shin Jong Hoon

Contractor Samsung C&T


Terracotta from Impruneta by Palagio Engineering was Architect Shin Jong Hoon’s choice when selecting, with a strong orientation towards environment, modernity and technical realization, the building materials for his project . The residential complex Dong Cheon Raemian in Seoul represents today the largest project in cotto worldwide. As partner of Samsung Construction, a customer engaged in development work of architecture and civil engineering at highest level, Palagio Engineering has contributed to the realization of a residential complex in Dong Cheon in Seoul, Korea.

The architectural significance of the buildings and the urban context required the design of a customized large-sized element. More than 70.00 sqm of a ventilated facade realized with Impruneta terracotta, and in particular Model TerraBlock 200x1200mm with a ribbed surface, extruded as double wall with an air gap designed to increase insulation and isolation. The connection system between the terracotta elements and the fixing system are located on the rear of the terracotta element so as to hide every fixing element (hidden fixing).


The terracotta slabs have undergone a WATER RESISTANT treatment which, through an immersion process in a solution based on silane, decreases the absorption of water and improves cleanability. A considerable aesthetic impact is achieved by the combination of 4 colours chosen among those available in the Tuscan Red and Terre Ocra shades, which give a distinctive, natural and innovative look to the project.