Protoshop Lamborghini – Modena – IT


Location San’Agata Bolognese, Modena IT

Year 2013

Designer Prospazio


Lamborghini Protoshop is the first multi-storey Class A industrial building in Italy: its extension of almost 5.000 sqm houses the division “Prototypes and Preproduction” of the famous car manufacturer. The project was designed by the architectural firm Prospazio, Modena, in collaboration with Palagio Engineering as far as the ventilated cladding with ultra-thin slabs (thickness 3,5 mm) in big sizes (3mx1m) type Slimtech supplied by Lea Ceramiche is concerned.

For this project a highly innovative and environmental friendly product from last generation was chosen: Slimtech di Lea Ceramiche. 100% eco-compatible with reduced air emission, an efficient use of natural resources, saving on transport and packing and reduction of wastage optimise the energetic performance. The very light profiles (thickness 3,5 mm) and its large dimension, applied to the ventilated system’s technology realized with the XL System by Palagio Engineering, grants an energetic performance Class A.