Il Sole 24 Ore – Milan – IT


The urban redevelopment project by Renzo Piano Workshop Building concerns 2 of the 4 pre-existent buildings in the area occupied by the ex Siemens-Italtel complex and constitutes an important space for the realization of a green heart in the area of ExpoMilanoCity. An asymmetric U, occupied by a financial society and by Sole 24H, for a complex whose entire impact is based on lightness, brightness and transparency, allowing to establish a direct contact with the urban context by showing the inside operations. A surface of 20.000 sqm in which the lightness of glass and aluminium are opposed to terracotta which stands for a material consistency full of significance and innovation.

“Outside skin! Inside skin!”, the theme of the cladding is clearly a central aspect of the project. The notes by Renzo Piano regarding the functions of ventilated walls defines the concept design which expresses his intentions, accomplished in an harmonious continuum of internal and external surfaces by the use of the same materials.

The terracotta cladding is composed of extruded elements with a brushed surface finish, fixed to the structure to create a ventilated facade distanced from the primary wall by a system of secondary profiles and string courses in extruded aluminium. Terra Strip and Terra Sill have been developed by Palagio Engineering to interpret the Architect’s idea which reflects the building’s concept. The elements show a surface of 4 bands and 3 groves to obtain a visual effect without joints between the elements and create a perfect continuity of surfaces.

Palagio Engineering’s division for development and research has completed a complex study on the colour in order to totally meet the Architect’s requirements. Through the mixture of different clays, a carefully dosed addition of elements such as titanium and a customized firing time, the colour “terra ocra”, in full harmony with “Giallo Milano” has been obtained.