Centro Commerciale Curno – Bergamo – IT


Place Curno (BG), Italy

Year  2019

Designer One Works

Contractor Sant Anselmo


Glazed Terracotta engobe for the new food and beverage hall at Curno’s shopping mall.

“Le Cucine di Curno” is the new food and beverage hall designed with an external wall cladding made by glazed Terracotta vertical tiles produced by Palagio Engineering.

The new building is an extension of existing shopping mall, now with a great food court of 5400 sq that hosting 17 restaurants and 600 seats. The project is characterized

by the use of high-quality natural materials, by the attentions of environmental sustainability according to the international BREEAM standards.

Palagio Engineering has created the vertical tiles in Terracotta with different shapes and depth to give at the vertical lines of the facade dynamism and movement.

The 4 different shades of engobe give back to the eyes all the warm feelings typical of our Terracotta.