La cité de l’Immaculée

28 Nov La cité de l’Immaculée

Eng The first stone of the new religious estate  “La cité de l’Immaculée” in the city of Alépé (Ivory Coast) will be planted next Januaruy 2015.

The religious estate designed by A. Design Studio Architects is conceived as different functional lots, the main lot where the Sanctuary will be constructed and the other ones serving different purposes and following the present realization scheme:

  1.  The construction of the Sanctuary
  2.  Itineraries and the Adoration Chapel
  3.  Services for pilgrims
  4. The grotto and the statue of Virgin Mary
  5. A multifunctional centre: 1 hotel (150 high-end guest rooms), 1 bank, 1 library, 1 pastry-shop, 1 bakery, a great conference meeting centre.
  6. Library
  7. Institute for theology studies

The main lot is located in a non urbanized area of the city  of Alepe. The dimension of the entire estate is 61.000 sqm. located in a new developing area of the city.

The project’s main task is to build a Sanctuary with the capacity to accomodate 4000 pilgrims , it is also planned the construction of a peristilium of 25000 places to assist religious celebrations that will be held outdoor.

All the buildings inside the estate are puroposely projected to have a minimum impact on environement and will be built with eco-friendly material. The choice of Palagio Engineering’s Terracotta Ventilated façades and sunscreen louvers will fully meet this requirements. A 4000 sqm of the main lot will be cladded with Palagio Engineering’s Terracotta products.